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Mono Lake is most notably known for tufa formations and spectacular light, color and reflections during sunrise and sunset. During my California road trip, I arrived before sunrise on two mornings. Each morning the light and tufa formations were amazing! The color and mesmerizing reflections were, unfortunately, a no-go on both days. Recommended Stops South… ordering xanax from india

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Visiting Bodie State Historic Park, and stepping back into the old west, was a fun day trip! For more tips and recommendations on visiting this ghost town, click here. Below are a few of my favorite iPhone photographs from my visit!

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Sequoia National Forest is such a fun place for visiting HUGE trees :) For more recommendations on hikes and viewing areas, click here. Below are a few of my favorite iPhone Photographs!

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Death Valley National Park is one of the most desolate places I have ever been. As you might expect, entering and traveling through this park requires ample food, water, gas and a map/directions. Using a GPS is not recommended due to the number of obsolete roads no longer in service. October through April are the… ordering xanax online legal

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Ghost towns are fun! I had my first experience visiting one in California, after spending the morning at Mono Lake. Bodie State Historic Park is a California gold-mining ghost town. The streets and buildings of this once thriving town of 10,000 people are now deserted and eerily left as they were when the town began… get alprazolam online

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Sequoia National Forest, located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains in California, is a somewhat magical place to visit. My original intention was to travel to Sequoia National Park, but the distance was too great for a day trip from my hotel. I opted for a drive through Sequoia National Forest instead. The National Park… cheap alprazolam pills

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Mono Lake is a neat and beautiful place! Taking a walk through the South Tufa area is well worth the visit and detour while visiting Yosemite National Park. I arrived at Mono Lake just before sunrise on two mornings and loved the view as the first light rays of the day came across the water…. xanax online reddit

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Death Valley National Park is a crazy place! My brief trip involved a road closure due to flooding, rock slides and a dust storm that had me gripping the steering wheel, hoping it would end at any moment. Even though I arrived four hours behind schedule and the temperature was 110*, I loved exploring this… xanax pfizer buy online

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Back in September, I had the opportunity to make my first visit to Yosemite National Park in California. I entered from the east and made my way through the beautiful Tioga Pass, driving toward the heart of the park. The views were as majestic as I anticipated and I craved having more time to explore… online dr xanax

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I am on day four of my California road trip! One of the highlights so far has been visiting Yosemite National Park. I made my way into the park on Wednesday, through the Tioga Pass entrance, on the east side. This iPhone 4s photograph captures one of my first views while driving in. Needless to… buy authentic xanax online