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I have a habit of only processing photographs to black and white on my iPhones. This was captured with an iPhone 6s in Joshua Tree National Park, moments after the sun dipped below the horizon line. The lines and textures on this boulder were fantastic. Goal: Capture/Process a nature photograph in black and white. Camera:… ordering xanax from india

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Standing in Joshua Tree National Park, without a soul in sight, has been one of my favorite last light experiences. If you look closely, there’s a striped mountain king snake slithering across the road. Goal: Capture a photograph during the last light of the day. Camera: iPhone 6s

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Finally made my way to Joshua Tree National Park in California. Although it was HOT, everything about my visit was breathtaking and magical. Especially sunset at Indian Cove Campground. Have a beautiful weekend :) Camera: iPhone 6s

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Oh how I LOVE curves in nature. Especially when it comes to rock formations and canyons. Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect place for photographing curves. Skull Rock seemed like a fun and appropriate subject for this week! Goal: Capture curves in nature. Camera: iPhone 6s

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Choosing a favorite from the last week was quite a struggle. Ultimately, I went with one of my favorite moments… a close view of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Have a wonderful weekend :) Camera: iPhone 6

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Death Valley National Park is a hot, scarce and empty place. At least it was all three during my visit! Exploring this unique park was both exciting and wind burning. So much wind. You can actually see a little dust taking off behind the colors in this photograph. Zabreskie Point was at the top of… order xanax bars online overnight

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It’s been one year since my visit to Mono Lake, on a very crisp fall morning. My original plan was to arrive well before sunrise, to capture the changing of colors in the sky. Shortly into my trip north, through the Sierra Nevada region, I learned my “mid-size” Yaris rental car was not well equipped… online dr xanax

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Yosemite National Park has more goodness than I had time to explore. I think I could live in Yosemite for months and still walk away wanting more time in the park! Truth be told, I have yet to go through all of my photographs from my trip. As I continue to travel and revisit parks,… xanax australia buy online