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August 25 // Shadows appear on the base of a redwood, in California. Camera: iPhone 7

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Tahoe National Forest was a lovely precursor to arriving in Lake Tahoe, California. The sky was mostly covered in wildfire smoke, creating a white backdrop as I drove between the large pines. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Boca Historic Townsite – an interpretive trail takes you through the once historic town. Calpine Lookout… where can i buy alprazolam powder

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Driving through Northern California, I was unsure what to expect upon arriving at Lassen Volcanic National Park. This was my first view, walking up to the edge of Manzanita Lake. Smoke from nearby wildfires drifted in throughout my stay and kept hiking mileage to a minimum. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Devils Kitchen… alprazolam order lorazepam

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A hot, beautiful day comes to an end in Joshua Tree National Park, California. Goal: Capture a photograph at dusk. Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 70-200mm

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Smoke filled the air from nearby wildfires as I drove through Lassen National Forest. California was dry and burning in many areas during this road trip. Unfortunately, I have asthma, limiting my hiking in the smokiest stops (including this one). Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Dow Butte Lookout – formerly a fire lookout,… buy 2mg xanax online not canadian

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After days of driving through extremely dry conditions, entering Whiskeytown National Recreation Area offered the water-filled views I had been craving. By no means was the area void of drought conditions. The park simply offered a glimpse into a more wet and lush environment. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Brandy Creek Falls Trail… xanax online uk forum

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Another wildfire smoke filled visit, while making my way through Shasta-Trinity National Forest. For weeks, I was certain half of my trip would need to be re-routed due to wildfires. Somehow, someway, I managed to get awfully close to the fires while still keeping on course with all my national forest and national park destinations…. xanax doctors online

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While exploring the Salton Sea, on a hazy blue day, pelicans kept flying by one after the other. This may be the first time I witnessed pelicans and mountains together. Such a lovely combination. Goal: Photograph a subject in flight. Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 70-200mm

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Wildfire season was in full force during my visit to Six Rivers National Forest in California. Smoke was in the air, distant views were hazy and the wildflowers were bright and beautiful. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Bull Creek Flats Trail – a 7.6 mile moderate hike. Enjoy a relatively flat, long stroll… xanax bars online

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Redwood National Park, and state parks in California, is one of the most magical places I have ever been. The early morning fog, overwhelming silence and trees beyond belief all add to the surreal feelings experienced while hiking and driving through the park. A raven flew by at one point. It’s wings flapping against the… can you buy xanax in stores