65 Day Road Trip | Week 9

Hot Springs National Park | Travel (57/556)

Hot Springs National Park was a last minute road trip addition. While gazing at a map, I noticed swinging by was only slightly out of the way :) My visit was low-key and early in the morning. Strolling along the Grand Promenade and seeing the steamy hot springs was a lovely opportunity to stretch my… {read more}

Ouachita National Forest | Travel (56/556)

The rain was falling pretty hard when I woke up in Arkansas, ready to explore Ouachita National Forest. Each mile in the car delivered smaller raindrops and a bit more fog. Quite the moody scene for exploring. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Beech Creek National Scenic Area and Botanical Area – with over… {read more}

Hot Springs National Park | iPhone Favorites

Walking around Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas was a lovely way to start a quiet morning on the road.