Sunlit Trees | Photograph Story

Sunlit Trees | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography

Sunlit Trees | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of my favorite national parks in the United States.

While hiking among the incredible hoodoos, it is easy to forget to look around, beyond the formations.

The Tower Bridge trail was a great, moderate hike. And since my visit was during the winter, the trail was relatively empty.

The trails goes up and down, winding through the canyon. While passing these trees, I noticed how perfect the light was dancing across the ground and up the trail.

Initially, I stopped and captured a photograph while standing beside the trees. It was nice, but nothing too special in terms of composition. After hiking down the trail a bit more, I turned around and decided this was the shot I was looking for.

The trail, streaked with shadows, leading you up to the trees and blue skies is a perfect representation of hiking Bryce Canyon National Park. There’s so much goodness to be seen and experienced, both ahead and behind you.

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