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Piping Plover | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography

These little birds make me laugh out loud. I have seen piping plovers on Long Island, Assateague Island and Plum Island. This photograph comes from the latter.

Here’s a normal viewing moment of piping plovers at the beach:

| To start, these little guys would fit in the palm of your hand, for the most part. And the babies are even smaller. Bask in that cuteness for a moment :)

| Piping plover spots me and slowly runs away or around me, weaving all over and nearly tripping over items on the beach.

| A few moments later, they remember the ocean is crashing in every few seconds. They run dangerously close to the crashing waves, stand patiently and then run away like maniacs after nearly being swept out to sea.

| Repeat over and over again, until I leave the beach.

They are hysterical and beautiful little birds. I honestly can not get enough of them and may be stopping at Plum Island again this weekend :)

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