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Passing Train | Alaina Ann Photography

In 2012, I traveled to my favorite part of the country for alprazolam uk buy. Durango, Colorado is, without question, my happy place. Once of my favorite days during this particular visit was taking the ordering xanax from india from Durango to Silverton. The views were breathtaking the entire trip up and back!

Stopping on our way to Silverton and pulling off the track, allowing the next train to pass, provided an excellent opportunity to photograph two steam engine trains, side-by-side. The train on the left is parked, waiting for the photographers to finish capturing their photographs. The train on the right is filled with people enjoying a beautiful fall day in the San Juan Mountains!

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to sit on the ground, so close to a passing train. The conductor of my train made sure we were far enough away from the passing train to avoid a close call. That said, we were still close enough to feel the nice breeze (and movement of the ground beneath us!) as the train cruised on by! You may notice the conductor of the passing train keeping an eye on us :)

The series of photographs leading up to this capture are some of my favorite images. I loved having the opportunity to get off the train and capture perspectives that are otherwise unavailable on the standard train rides. This trip officially made me fall in love with photographing trains. I am still looking for my next opportunity!

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