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Lincoln National Forest | Travel (46/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 4s)

Lincoln National Forest | Travel (46/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 4s)

Many areas in alprazolam buy online india (New Mexico) were closed during my visit, due to a recent fire and flooding. The portion of the forest I did explore was a refreshing welcome back to aspen country :)

Lincoln National Forest | Travel (46/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 4s)

Lincoln National Forest | Travel (46/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 4s)

Favorite Hikes + Places to Explore
  • Alamo Canyon Trail – a 7.3 mile trail that ends at the mouth of the Alamo Canyon in Alamogordo.
  • Bluff Springs – a short trail will take you up and over the waterfalls.
  • Capitan Mountains Wilderness Area – accessible only by a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle, this area offers solitude, rugged wilderness and ample hiking.
  • Cloud-climbing Trestle Trail – a short 1.3 mile hike, ending at the southern viewing area for the Mexican Canyon Trestle.
  • Last Chance Canyon Trail – this 6.2 mile long trail takes you along the bottom of Last Chance Canyon.
  • Sitting Bull Falls Recreation Area – pools of water and the Sitting Bull Falls may be found here.
  • Sunspot Scenic Byway – the byway follows NM 6563 for 14 miles along the rim of the Sacramento Mountains.
  • White Mountain Wilderness Area – climbing to over 11,000 feet, this area offers amazing views and higher elevation hiking.

What are your favorite spots in Lincoln National Forest?

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