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Lake Mead | Alaina Ann Photography

Lake Mead | Alaina Ann Photography

Lake Mead was a surprise visit for me. While in Las Vegas for work, I decided to head away from the city for a day to see the alprazolam buy online india. While driving, I passed a sign for the alprazolam uk buy. As you know, I have a special place in my heart for those brown signs along the side of the road :)

On my way back to the airport, I had plenty of time to spare and driving through the Lake Mead National Recreation Area was a scenic route to take back to the city. I immediately fell in love with the contrast between the bright blue water and the desert landscape. This trip was before moving to Arizona, so the desert scene was relatively new to me.

Lake Mead Vertical | Alaina Ann Photography

Lake Mead Vertical | Alaina Ann Photography

As some of you know, I am allergic to fish and shellfish and have a tendency to stay as far away from both as physically possible. While walking along the dock at the marina, the carp were swarming where I was standing! I think they thought I was going to toss them some bread :) As they bobbed just below the surface of the water, I photographed a few. I loved having this opportunity to get close to fish in nature, without being too close!

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Bobbing Carp | Alaina Ann Photography

If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas and have some time to skip town, I highly recommend this scenic area of Nevada!

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