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Grand Teton Spring Reflection | Alaina Ann Photography

alprazolam uk buy was a last minute addition to my road trip up and across the country. I had never been and figured I should make the stop on my way to Yellowstone National Park.

I am very glad I gave myself an entire day and morning to explore the park. As always, I wish I had more time to visit the area.

The views were breathtaking. The wildlife was abundant and fun to watch. And, most importantly, the moose love this part of the country. I am afraid I did not see a single one, even though every person I ran into had seen one earlier that day in every corner of the park!

I was actually on a moose stakeout when I captured the Grand Teton Spring Reflection photograph :) I woke up for sunrise and patiently waited at the Oxbow Bend pullout to see if a moose might appear in or along the river. Three different people recommended this spot for a sunrise sighting.

I waited for over an hour, with my fingers crossed. No moose. That said, the view, weather and peaceful morning experience was well worth my time! I plan to spend many mornings enjoying this scene, hoping for a moose to come along :)

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  1. Michael McGuirk says:

    Wow! Been there once long ago. Someday I’m going back!

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