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Fog and Waves | Photography Story | Alaina Ann Photography

My favorite time to be on the beach is when the temperature has a bit of a chill and few people may be seen. Walking along the beach has always been a place for peaceful reflection for me. I have never been much of a sunbather, but may be found with a book and my feet buried in the sand from time to time.

My final morning visiting Assateague Island National Seashore was a perfect beach day, for me. Rain was drizzling off and on. The waves were rolling in peacefully with enough force to keep them mesmerizing. I needed to wear a jacket because it was chilly. And I could only see one other person, a fellow photographer, along the entire coastline.

I sat, stood, walked and photographed the beach throughout sunrise. The storm clouds were lacking color and fog was rolling in and out with each crashing wave. As much as I love a dramatic beach sunrise, the foggy morning was just as enjoyable.

My camera was mounted on my tripod and I zoomed in and out to capture different perspectives of the waves. I decided to use a long exposure on this photograph to capture the movement of the waves and the fog gliding across the water.

Once I was satisfied with my photographs, I sat on the beach and enjoyed a cup of coconut chai tea, waving off interested sea gulls. It was a peaceful and beautiful morning :)

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