556 Locations in 12 Years | Travel

Last week, while getting the mail, I had the pleasure of running into a dear friend and her daughter {they live up the street}. When asked if I had traveled to any new places since I last saw them {two months ago}, my answer was no. NO?! How is that possible? I am always on… {read more}

National Park Bucket List | Travel

A few years back, I set a goal to visit each National Park in the United States before the age of 45. As shocking as this is to write, I am only 13 years from that age! As of today, I am about one third of the way to reaching my goal :) National Parks… {read more}

Barrio Historic District

Another January goal was to photograph a new location in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is such a diverse and unique city with many areas well worth exploring. A local group of photographers planned a photo walk in the Barrio Historic District that ended up being cancelled due to expected rain. Luckily, the skies took a break… {read more}