Shipwreck | Friday Favorite

June 23 // Saw my first Pacific Northwest shipwreck. This is what’s left of the Peter Iredale, from 1906! Camera: iPhone 7

Neighborhood Blooms | Friday Favorite

June 16 // Loving all the blooms during evening walks around my new neighborhood. Camera: iPhone 7

Feral Peacock | Friday Favorite

June 9 // Being greeted by the neighborhood feral peacocks, while returning to my Airbnb rental :) Camera: iPhone 7

Hello from a New Home | Friday Favorite

June 2 // Hello, from my new home in Portland, Oregon :) Camera: iPhone 7

Moving Day | Friday Favorite

May 19 // The POD and adventurewagen loaded and ready to hit the road on May 15 :) Camera: iPhone 7

Purple Iris | Friday Favorite

May 12 // Spotted a lovely purple iris during my evening walk. Camera: iPhone 7

Poolesville Farm | Friday Favorite

April 28 // The light was too lovely to resist pulling over. Camera: iPhone 7

Wilting Tulip | Friday Favorite

With the temperature soaring and dipping, the tulips are beginning to wilt. Have a lovely weekend :) Camera: iPhone 7

Inside a Tulip | Friday Favorite

The weather has been lovely all week. Today I found myself admiring the new tulips. Have a beautiful weekend :) Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 105 mm

Lake Hartwell | Friday Favorite

I always love returning to Clemson, especially to reminisce my days on the water with the crew team. Overlooking Clemson Sprints, on Lake Hartwell. Have a beautiful weekend :) Camera: iPhone 7