Adventureram | Friday Favorite

September 1 // The newest member of my adventure fleet :) Camera: iPhone 7

Redwood Shadows | Friday Favorite

August 25 // Shadows appear on the base of a redwood, in California. Camera: iPhone 7

Overlooking the Pacific | Friday Favorite

August 18 // Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in Oregon. Camera: iPhone 7

Colorado Storm Clouds | Friday Favorite

August 11 // A stormy afternoon in Colorado. That plane made it through the dark cloud, likely with a few bumps! Camera: iPhone 7

Pappy’s Blooms | Friday Favorite

August 4 // So happy my Pappy’s blooms held on until I made my way back to Maryland :) This will likely be my last summer visit to the area. Camera: iPhone 7

Inappropriate Mushroom | Friday Favorite

July 28 // This mushroom, and its five friends, had me belly laughing over the weekend. Camera: iPhone 7

Maryland Sunflowers | Friday Favorite

July 21 // I was pleased to see my hometown sunflowers still in bloom after arriving in Maryland. This may be my final summer visiting this field. Camera: iPhone 7

Colorful Stones | Friday Favorite

July 14 // Finally made it to Glacier National Park in Montana. Absolutely loved the colorful stones in Lake McDonald! Camera: iPhone 7

Summer Snow | Friday Favorite

July 7 // There’s still plenty of snow on Mount Hood. Snowboarders were cruising off the mountain in t-shirts and shorts on July 4th! Camera: iPhone 7

Fort Vancouver | Friday Favorite

June 30 // These bold red doors immediately caught my attention while exploring Fort Vancouver. Camera: iPhone 7