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Cactus Wren | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography

Cactus Wren | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography

Bird watching is a fun and peaceful activity. Spring in Arizona is a lovely time to pop outside to see our feathered friends.

After a bit of rain, I made my way to a favorite spot in Tucson to see what might be waiting for me and my camera.

Flowers were beginning to bloom, trees had green buds, and the birds were zipping around. All beautiful signs of spring :)

While making my way down a new trail, I heard a low noise behind me. After turning around, I saw this cactus wren, with no sense of urgency to fly somewhere new.

I had a zoom lens on my camera and decided to take a few steps back, to give us both a bit of space. After capturing a few vertical and horizontal frames, I simply enjoyed the quiet moment.

Although my camera is almost always in a bag on my body when I step into nature, enjoying the experience is always more important than capturing a photograph. I loved having the opportunity to do both this day.

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