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May 12 // Spotted a lovely purple iris during my evening walk. Camera: iPhone 7

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May 5 // An afternoon at a winery, hugging dear friends goodbye. Camera: iPhone 7

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April 28 // The light was too lovely to resist pulling over. Camera: iPhone 7

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Well, I never planned to take a three month hiatus from the blog. Here we are, at the end of July with one rogue post since the end of April. Quite a bit has happened since my last Friday Favorite post. The most notable update is my move to Oregon, clear across the country from… alprazolam order lorazepam

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Email subscribers receive a free July wallpaper calendar today! The featured photograph captures a sunflower in Poolesville, Maryland. Subscribe today! Your information will only be used by Alaina Ann Photography.

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With the temperature soaring and dipping, the tulips are beginning to wilt. Have a lovely weekend :) Camera: iPhone 7

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The weather has been lovely all week. Today I found myself admiring the new tulips. Have a beautiful weekend :) Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 105 mm

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I always love returning to Clemson, especially to reminisce my days on the water with the crew team. Overlooking Clemson Sprints, on Lake Hartwell. Have a beautiful weekend :) Camera: iPhone 7

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A few days late… my favorite capture from last week is a bunch of cherry blossoms in my hometown of Poolesville, Maryland. Camera: iPhone 7

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A few daffodils are still hanging on. Have a fun weekend :) Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 200mm