40 Days on the Road

40 Days on the Road | Alaina Ann Photography

40 Days on the Road | Alaina Ann Photography

Today marks day two of my 40 day road trip around the country! Yesterday was all about clocking miles and making my way into Ohio. Tomorrow I will depart from Chicago, beginning an westbound trip on Historic Route 66.

Stop by the travel page for planned destinations during this trip.

My fingers are crossed for safe weather while on the road. It’s been several years since my last spring road trip across the country and I, thankfully, managed to miss most of the gnarly weather sweeping the Midwest at the time.

Feel free to follow along as much or as little as you wish :) A few options are below.

iPhone Photographs
Instax Photographs
Updates from the Road
Planned Stops {May and June}

As usual, I will likely fall quickly behind with most posts being a few days or even over a week after my visit.

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