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Email subscribers receive a free March wallpaper calendar tomorrow. The featured photograph captures winter and spring together, from Poolesville, Maryland. Subscribe today! Your information will only be used by Alaina Ann Photography.

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While keeping an eye on the sky during a tornado watch earlier this week, a lovely rainbow appeared. Have a bright weekend :) Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 105mm ISO: 160 Aperture: f/2.8 Shutter Speed: 1/80 sec

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Pouring rain. Countless puddles. And little me running around Salem Maritime National Historic Site was one memorable spring afternoon. Since little was seen between raindrops, here’s my top five list for next time. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Custom House – the last custom house still in Salem. Derby Wharf – the longest… buy alprazolam for dogs

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Hands down one of my favorite photography techniques. A shallow depth of field allows for isolated focus on a subject within a photograph by blurring the surrounding objects and/or background. Plants and flowers are my favorite focal points in such photographs. Goal: Capture photographs with a shallow depth of field. Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 105mm

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Tucked away in Massachusetts, Minute Man National Historical Park offers peaceful wooded trails while strolling through Revolution history. Wear plenty of bug spray as ticks populate this area. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Battle Road Trail – a five mile trail connecting historic sites throughout the park. Hartwell Tavern – an authentic period… xanax from canada online

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While walking into the kitchen this morning to make tea, I noticed the floor was reflecting pink, purple and blue hues. This is what greeted me when I looked out the window! Have a bright weekend :) Camera: iPhone 6s

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A warm spring afternoon was perfect for exploring Roger Williams National Memorial on foot. The memorial grounds span 4.5 acres, with interpretive panels available throughout. The memorial is located in the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Hertiage Corridor, offering a few historical walks through the city.

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Tossing my camera up in the air, while capturing photographs, is a new technique for me. In the event this turned into a camera dropping project, I pulled out my old Nikon D7000 with an 18-55mm lens. With the help of a strap, the camera only landed outside my hands once. The shutter speed was… cheapest xanax prices

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While visiting my sister in Massachusetts, we went for an evening stroll through Lowell National Historical Park. The city was filled with character and industrial beauty while walking along the historic waterways and mills. Certain areas of this city welcome the buddy system, as is the case in many cities as daylight begins to fade…. where to buy xanax uk

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Always love seeing the first signs of spring, even on a bitter cold day. Have a lovely weekend :) Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 105mm ISO: 160 Aperture: f/5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec