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Monocacy National Battlefield was my first 556 in 12 stop! I loved exploring this local battlefield and will be sharing more travel details in the near future! Below are a few of my favorite iPhone Photographs from my winter visit!

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Happy Friday! This week’s Friday Favorite is an iPhone 4s capture of blue, afternoon, winter skies :) I looked up and snapped this photograph while walking into the house, after retrieving the mail. I love the color of the sky and repetitive small clouds! Camera: iPhone 4s

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Snow covered saguaros in Arizona is a rare and beautiful sight to see! I woke up relatively late one Saturday morning. As I slowly walked to my bedroom window to open the blinds and let some light in, I saw what appeared to be snow. Not a little dusting of snow, but a proper snowfall!… buy alprazolam for dogs

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Mono Lake is most notably known for tufa formations and spectacular light, color and reflections during sunrise and sunset. During my California road trip, I arrived before sunrise on two mornings. Each morning the light and tufa formations were amazing! The color and mesmerizing reflections were, unfortunately, a no-go on both days. Recommended Stops South… buy xanax ireland online

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The Alaina Ann Photography gallery received a structural update over the last few weeks. My goal was to minimize the number of albums within the gallery, combining similar categories. Moving forward, photographs will be offered in the following categories: Architecture | Cityscape (previously architecture, cityscape, urban and structure) Flowers | Plants (previously botanical, cactus and… xanax buying

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Visiting Bodie State Historic Park, and stepping back into the old west, was a fun day trip! For more tips and recommendations on visiting this ghost town, click here. Below are a few of my favorite iPhone photographs from my visit!

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I was a little worried the signs of spring I saw at the end of February would suffer from the eight inches of snow that fell on Sunday and Monday. I am pleased to report the green goodness continued to grow through the snow this week :) Why my ISO was so high is beyond… best place to buy alprazolam online

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This photograph makes me happy :) Every time I look at my footprints coming down the sand dune, I am filled with the same sense of accomplishment, excitement and peace I felt the day I visited and hiked in Great Sand Dunes National Park. Six weeks prior to leaving Arizona for Maryland, I had an… alprazolam buy online cheap

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Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place to take in diverse wildlife sightings. While visiting in 2013, I came across herds of bison, elk and bighorn sheep, a lone coyote asphyxiating an elk calf and, my favorite moment, nursing bison calves after taking a swim in the river. Sadly, I did not see any bears… where to buy xanax uk

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As Alaina Ann Photography heads into year number two of business, I am excited to announce a new plan for the online gallery. Each May and November, a new set of photographs will be added to the online gallery, for purchasing artwork and prints. Prior to each gallery release, photographs from the previous year will… get xanax script online