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Yellowstone National Park was one of my favorites stops while traveling east to Maryland. The diverse wildlife scenes that unfold throughout the park always amaze me. One of my favorite moments was capturing this cow and calf bison together, while the calf nursed. Today’s Friday Favorite is a sweet moment in nature from Yellowstone National… ordering xanax from india

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Spending time in the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons has been on my bucket list for quite some time! Photographing these slot canyons can be tricky, due to tight spaces and fast changing light. Having a tripod in the Lower Antelope Canyon allowed me to capture the details on the canyon walls using small aperture… where can i buy alprazolam powder

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I have spent many of my Arizona evenings walking around my neighborhood after dinner. Each walk always leads to the edge of the neighborhood where there is a lovely view of the desert horizon and setting sun. Last night, I went on my final walk while living here in Vail. It was certainly bittersweet. Although… how to buy xanax pills

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The saguaros bloom large white flowers each year as summer rolls in. May and June are the prime months for seeing the flowers open each day. They tend to open during the night and close up around noon. Since the temperatures are warmer during these months, early morning exploring is preferred! I made my way… buy xanax us online

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Mount Lemmon is one of my favorite places in Tucson, Arizona. The drive is spectacular with scenic views and vastly changing ecosystems. AND the temperatures are always a bit cooler as the elevation climbs, making it a perfect escape during the summer months! Mount Lemmon is a popular climbing playground, although I have not had… xanax from canada online

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Alaina Ann Photography is relocating to Maryland at the end of May! Deciding to leave Arizona and head back to Maryland was a big decision to make. Ultimately, being close to family and friends sealed the deal. What does this mean for Alaina Ann Photography? A few things, actually! As you might imagine, my nature… buy 2mg xanax online not canadian

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My membership to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson expired on April 30. I decided to make one last visit, early Saturday morning, before the heat rolled in. I arrived as they were opening and had a lovely final stroll through one of my favorite spots in Arizona. I mentioned here that I am moving… liquid xanax online